Wholly Man, Wholly God

He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

1 John 4:8 NKJV


Midweek Thoughts


This time of year, many spend time thinking about the birth of Jesus.  I know He was not really born on December 25th or even the 24th.  Still, this is the time everyone really spends time thinking about His birth.  I am no different, although I spend a lot of time throughout the year contemplating Jesus, His life on earth, and His work in the Heavenly Sanctuary.  Today I found myself thinking about how Jesus knows every aspect of our human lives.  He knows because He lived the same as you and me, only better.

The greatest part of God’s plan of salvation was Jesus.  He was the plan from the very beginning and continues to fulfill the plan even now.  It was extremely important that Jesus not only be the offering, to pay the price for all our sins, but to also know from birth to death the human experience.  Even more so, to model the example for how we should all live our lives.

Jesus came into this world the same as all of us, He was born.  He cried, He needed cared for as He grew.  He relied on Mary and Joseph to provide that care as well as model the family experience.  I’m sure He fell as He learned to walk.  I’m sure He was picked up, held by His earthly parents.  He showed how to submit to parental authority.  He grew, going through the same growing pains everyone else has.  He grew into a man who held Himself strong in faith and submitting to His Heavenly Father.

He fulfilled all the prophecies that were spoken and written throughout the Old Testament.  He cried when His friend died and when all did not believe.  He felt pain when He was beaten, spit on, and hung on a wooden cross.  This pain is something I can’t even fully imagine.  He knows more than I.  He experienced more than all of us. 

God knows how we all are, what we feel.  He knows because He came down and lived among us, God with us, in the form of Jesus.  Knowing this, He alone is able to provide the best comfort and salvation.  He came as the greatest gift of love.  Accept it, share it, live it.  Eternity is waiting.

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