First Things First

We all bring different presuppositions whether we are aware of them or not before we open the Bible up. Acknowledging these presuppositions is key before we open the Bible to make sure that we are approaching our interpretation of the Bible with a high view of Scripture. This beginning section is meant to help prepare someone to open the Bible.

How to read Biblical Narrative

How to Read Biblical Poetry


How to Read Biblical Prose Discourse

How DO We Know That We Have the Right Books in the Bible?


How Should We Interpret the Bible (Biblical Hermeneutics)?


We hold to a belief in sola-tota-prima Scriptura (see chart) which allows us to be led by the Holy Spirit to understand "present truth" (which is Bible truth or better language in which to express the teachings of God’s Holy Word).

Check out this seminar below on Biblical Interpretation from the Biblical Research institute


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