Wait and Hope

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I do hope.

Psalm 130:5 NKJV


Midweek Thoughts


Sometimes I struggle with what moves me to write.  I find myself scrolling on Facebook, searching the Internet, looking at various Bible verses of the day, and still I wait for something to come to me.  Sometimes I ask my husband what he thinks I should write about.  Many times, I will write about something that happened or some whisper from God that floats through my mind.  Still other times I struggle.

Tonight, I found myself struggling, searching for inspiration, waiting on God to nudge me in some way.  Then I saw a short video with 4 Bible verses.  I love reading Bible verses so took note of this as these were some that seemed directed at me.  They were all about waiting, especially on the Lord, something I was definitely doing.

I read all the verses and three of them I needed to look up because the video was a bit too fast for me to really read them well, so I took note of the citation and looked them up.  Psalm 130:5 spoke to me.  This is me.  Not just tonight waiting for inspiration, but daily.  I am waiting for Him to come again.  I long for Him to come, for all things of this world to vanish only to find myself standing in His presence.

His word gives me so much hope.  His word speaks of hope and of love.  I so love hearing His word and I grasp it and hold it tight in my heart.  My heart is His.  His word is truth and gives me strength, direction, comfort, love, and most importantly, hope.  His word is all I need.

Take some time today to read His word.  Let it speak to you.  Let it fill you with so much hope.  Wait on Him with His words giving you that hope.

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