The Lost is Found

But from there you will seek the Lord your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.

Deuteronomy 4:29 NKJV


A devotion for October 2nd through the 8th


Today, on our way home from a camping trip, my husband decided to take a slight detour to check out a remote river access area.  We stopped there and took some pictures and enjoyed the view.  Then as we were starting to pull our car around, my husband noticed something.  I looked as well and we both saw a silver Thermos cup and laying next to it, someone’s cell phone.  We stopped and picked them up and proceeded to see if we could somehow find a number we could call to locate the phone’s owner. 

It appeared there were emails and missed calls from the owner’s work as well as others.  After some time, we finally located the emergency area of the phone and a phone number for the owner’s daughter.  I called the number and we explained we just found this phone and wanted to return it.  The young lady was very helpful and directed us to a place she would be stopping at where she could pick it up for her father.  She stayed on the phone with us until we were able to drop off the phone.

A short while later, she texted to say she was in possession of the phone and thanked us again for making sure it was returned.  A good deed accomplished.  It began to make me think.  In life, there are often small, seemingly insignificant things that happen that if we stop and think about them, we learn something or are reminded of something He wants us to know.

It's just a phone.  A small device but, so important.  These days our phones contain our lives.  They not only keep us connected to each other but also to our jobs, our email, they hold photos from various places we have gone and people we have seen.  They hold addresses and information that connects us.  If we lose our phones, we lose a part of ourselves.  We become frantic and want desperately to find our missing phone.

It's no different really than what we are to God.  We are each precious.  We each hold so much information about Him within us.  He wants to always stay connected to us and does not want to lose us.  When we begin to drift away from Him, he does whatever He can to pull us back to Him.  We are a part of Him just as He is a part of us.  When we are lost, He wants us found.

When we search for God, we are no longer lost.  We are right where He wants us to be.  Reach your hand out to Him because His is reaching out for you!

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