Storms of Life

He calms the storm, So that its waves are still.

Psalms 107:29 NKJV


A devotion for September 5th through the 11th


The storms of life.  They come and go.  Sometimes we have a storm that comes up that quiets and stops as quickly as it started.  Sometimes it seems like the storms come one right after the other, never letting up as the waves beat against the bow of our boat that is our life.  Wave after wave threatens to turn the boat over or sink it with rain and wind not letting up.  We are tossed and turned, weakened.  We begin to feel like we just can’t take anymore.  We look up and say “no more”.  Then we turn around and another storm is coming.

Through these storms, our boat leaks.  Water gets in where we don’t want it.  We try everything to stop the leaks and to just hang on until the storm passes.  And sometimes, we fall to our knees sobbing and begging the storms to end.  We get beat down; we are tired.  Physically and emotionally, we are empty.  What then?  Where do we turn when we find ourselves so completely exhausted, we can’t even move another step?  We can’t even lift our head to look up.  What then?

Keep praying to the Heavenly Father.  Hold tight onto Him.  He never said life would be smooth sailing, just that He would be right there with us through every storm.  God has a plan for each of our storms we pass through.  There is a purpose, there is a reason.  It may be hard and it may not make any sense at the time but God does have it all worked out.

Do the best you can do about any situation but keep praying.  Keep holding on to His hand.  All He wants from each of us is our love. It isn’t easy but ultimately, the rewards He has for each and every one of us are so great.  Far better than anything we could ever think about here in this messed up life full of storms.  God is the peace through all storms.

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