“Thou shalt not steal.”

Exodus 20:15 KJV


A devotion for February 11th through the 17th


I’m sure you have heard and seen so many people talking about self-checkouts, especially at Walmart stores.  It seems to be everywhere.  People talking about how they don’t feel they need to show their receipts at the door.  “Why do they have to lock up toothbrushes?”  All the “why this” and “why that”.  Often you hear anger in people’s voices.  “I shouldn’t have to show my receipt, they should have more cashiers.”  Complaint, question, all of it with anger behind it.  Sometimes I wonder if people really think about some of the questions they ask and what the answers might be.

We all see things now being locked up in stores where we have to ask someone to get the item for us.  Something like “toothbrushes” seems so odd.  But think about it this way, if they felt the need to lock up the toothbrushes does that mean that it’s something people are managing to steal?  Why steal a toothbrush?  Why steal anything?  You don’t want to show your receipt at the door after using self-checkout?  Why not?  Are you hiding something?

So many questions.  For me, I have no problem with showing my receipt because I have nothing to hide.  They are doing their jobs, and they are not the ones who put the rule in place.  I don’t mind asking an associate to get something for me that is locked up.  I’m sad they feel the need to lock things like toothbrushes up because so many people have stolen them before.  It’s a sad thought about our world.

One of God’s commandments says, “thou shall not steal”.  It’s also a law.  But it still happens every day.  Instead of complaining and arguing about self-checkouts why don’t we just follow the best advice there is?  Don’t steal.  Perhaps if less people stole things like toothbrushes, we could go back to being a more trusting society.

Maybe since man followed God’s advice and made “Thou shall not steal” a law, maybe God has the right idea.  Maybe more of the commandments are good ideas to follow.  Maybe, just maybe, they could lead to peace.

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