But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen and protect you from the evil one.

2 Thessalonians 3:3 NASB


Midweek Thoughts


A couple weeks ago, my husband went mushroom hunting with a couple of friends. He had been told he was going to be in an area that was known for ticks. (This is why I did not go) When he arrived home, he quickly took off his clothes, put them in the hamper for me to put in the washer, and we pulled off more than twelve ticks from his upper body.  It was amazing how many he had.  I texted one of our friends that was with him and asked if he checked himself and he said he found none.

The other night we had supper with the other friend who said he had checked himself as well and had none on him either.  Then he told us he had sprayed bug spray on his legs as well as the legs of the other friend.  He said that must have been the reason they had no ticks on them since the ticks came from the grass.  My husband had not been sprayed.  So, we learned that my husband had no protection while the other two did.

This reminds me of God and how He protects us.  When we take the time to gather His protection through bible studies, devotions (like this one), and prayer, He is with us and guards our way keeping us safe from temptations and evil ways.  He keeps us on the path that leads to Him and salvation.  When we stray away from His protection by not praying, not studying His word, not staying connected to Him, we end up in a mess, covered with sin.

Gather His protection around you and keep it close.  It will keep you protected from the “ticks” of sin sneaking onto and into your life.

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