Little Yellow Birds

I have called upon You, for You will hear me, O God; Incline Your ear to me, and hear my speech.

Psalm 17:6 NKJV


A devotion for May 22nd through the 28th


I often talk about God answering prayer.  I also talk about God providing, various things both big and small, to show his answer.  I know this happens all the time.  Not always right away but sometimes.  We often pray for serious things, big things, that might take some time to answer, or we may not even realize that God’s answer is different than our own.  Often, we pray for small things.  Little things.  We don’t often realize we are asking Him for anything at all.  Sometimes we do.

We went on a camping trip over this past weekend.  An extended one with time to just relax and enjoy God’s beauty that is all around us.  We go often to this campsite, and I love taking pictures.  I have found that over the last couple of years, when we go on these trips, I talk with God quite a lot.  Often, I ask Him to provide me with photographic opportunities.  I usually always come home with a few awesome shots.

On this trip, I found myself on the first day asking God the usual “please give me opportunities for some awesome photos”.  I had lengthy chats about what sorts of things would be nice to see and get pictures of.  At one point I had a specific request, “God, please give me an opportunity to get a nice photo of one of the yellow birds against the bark of a tree”.  There were these awesome yellow birds that were so pretty, male American Yellow Warblers, so my husband informed me.  I just thought they were pretty.

Later, on the second day we were there, it began.  God gave me so many opportunities I couldn’t even catch them all.  The Yellow Warblers were everywhere.  And they kept landing on tree trunks.  Oh, they landed other places too, but tree trunks were the most common.  I was thrilled to get several nice shots of the Warblers.

God hears us.  God answers us.  God especially enjoys when we ask for things that involve situations like mine.  Where he can showcase for us His awesome creations.  I love nature as it always makes me think of how awesome our God is.  He is so great, so powerful.  He created everything around us.  Giant mountains, roaring waterfalls, colorful birds.  Any yet He loves taking one of his smaller creations, such as a small yellow Warbler, and placing them in places where we can see them and enjoy them.  No matter how small, God will provide.

When you see an American Yellow Warbler, or any of the vast array of God’s creations, thank Him and be amazed.

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