Like a Moth to a Flame

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:105 KJV


A devotion for February 18th through the 24th


Everyone has heard the phrase, “like a moth to a flame”.  It’s a very popular phrase that simply means being irresistibly attracted to something or someone.  Everyone has always thought insects were “drawn” to light, especially artificial light.  Porchlights, headlights, you name it.  Recently it has been discovered that insects are not drawn to the light but confused by them. 

Insects use the moon and stars to navigate much like sailors used to so long ago before all the technology that exists today.  There was a time, before artificial light, when man used the moon and stars to help show them which direction they were going.  This is what insects do.  When the front porch light is turned on, the insects become confused and don’t know where to go.  This can happen to us as well.  Not with artificial light confusing us about which direction to go, but in other ways. 

We hear things in the news.  We see stories online.  We attend meetings at work.  We learn things in school.  We watch TV shows and movies.  We hear sermons at church.  We hear, see, and read so many things from so many sources.  How do we know what is true?  Where do we get our direction from?  GPS?  I will tell you it has been wrong.

With all this information coming at us day after day, we can lose sight of our path, our direction.  We can become confused and not know which way to go, just like a moth at a light on a porch.  This can lead us to a very dangerous path.  One we don’t want to go down.  Don’t let things of this world confuse you.

There is only One that is the true light.  There is only One that will lead us down the right path.  Open a Bible.  His instructions, His light, is right there as a light to guide us.  It’s the only light we should follow.

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