Learning Patience

rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer;

Romans 12:12 NKJV


Midweek thoughts


It seems that patience is something the good Lord feels is important.  He gives me lessons all the time.  I’m sure He gives lessons to all of us time and time again.  We don’t seem to want to learn this one, but He keeps trying to get us to see the value in patience.

There are so many ways God puts on the breaks and says, “slow down, have patience”.  I have been thinking about this again today.  Recently being sick with Covid for the first time, He has once again been trying to tell me to slow down, have patience.  I only missed the better part of two days at work when I was sick.  It helps that I work from home.  But since I recovered, I have discovered I have not recovered.

I am still tired and just don’t seem to have the same energy I once had.  In thinking about this today I realize God is trying to get me to slow down.  I have a habit of making a list every day of several things I want to accomplish each day.  I like crossing things off the list.  Some days I feel overwhelmed with all the things on my list.  Lately I have not been making as many lists.  When I do make the lists, I don’t worry about crossing everything off. 

I find that the most important thing I need to do each day is spend time with Him.  I talk with Him, ask Him for strength, and just spend time thinking about how awesome it will be when Jesus returns, and all the things of this world are gone.  I find that I realize more and more each day that my time with Him is the most important. 

Spend time today connecting with our Heavenly Father.  Don’t sweat the things of this world, they are temporary.  God promises an eternity of peace and rest with Him.  Plan for eternity, not tomorrow.  Tomorrow is not promised but eternity is.

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