The wall was built of jasper, while the city was pure gold, like clear glass.

Revelation 21:18 ESV


A devotion for March 26th through April 1st


This week’s Sabbath school lesson was about our end reward for the obedient, faithful followers of God.  One day was named “The New Jerusalem”.  It covered Revelation 21:9 – 27.  I would like to invite everyone to open their Bibles and read these verses.  After you have read these sit there, close your eyes and TRY to imagine what you are going to see.

Gold in our feeble world is gold in color, or they have rose gold that has a pinkish tint to it. But when God works with gold it’s like clear glass.  WHAT!!

Then we have beautiful necklaces made with pearls that come in a variety of colors. Verse 21 talks of the gates (“And the twelve gates were twelve pearls, each of the gates made of a single pearl”).  WHAT!!!

There will be no sun or moon.  Continuous light will be given by God’s presence.  Can you even comprehend these things. My feeble mind can’t.

Then you get to commune with God himself.  The creator, forgiver, loving, sovereign God.  And you get to hear “Well done my good and faithful servant”.

A place of eternal peace and happiness that none of us can begin to imagine (at least not while on this earth).

Prepare you this day to meet your Savior.


By Brad Pigsley

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