His Mighty Power

It is He who made the earth by His power, who established the world by His wisdom, and by His understanding stretched out the heavens.

Jeremiah 10:12 ESV


A devotion for August 6th through the 12th


I am always amazed when I am out in nature and can witness the mighty power of God.  It really is all around us every day, if we just take the time to look and allow ourselves to be amazed by how awesome He truly is.  Even when we do witness His mighty power, we must understand that it pales in comparison to His true might.

Going for a drive last night as the sun was setting, we were able to get a couple of pictures that I felt showed His might, at least in a small way.  They don’t do it justice though as nothing comes close, even what we are able to witness on this earth.  It pales in comparison.  But as we drove, we saw dark clouds swirling around lighter clouds with openings here and there where we could see orange and yellow light shining through as the sun set.  It was stunning.

The more we drove the darker it became and the more we could see lightening bursting through the clouds, illuminating them.  It was so awesome to see and think about Him creating all the beautiful parts of the sky, sunny days, stormy days, sunrises, and sunsets. 

I spent this time, watching the sky and storm, thinking about His might, His power.  I also began to think about Jesus’ soon return.  How glorious will that be!  I realized that no matter how beautiful a sunset, how mighty a storm, when Jesus returns it will be even more magnificent!  It is beyond our comprehension of how wonderful that day will be, how absolutely beautiful as we see Jesus in the sky.

The next time you are outside take a moment to really take in all that He has created.  It is a testimony to His might, His power, and His love.

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