Hear God Speak

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

John 10:27 NKJV


Midweek Thoughts


I have heard some people say they have never heard God speak but they wish they could.  I feel like we have all heard God speak from time to time, we just didn’t realize or put two and two together.  I have some illustrations to share that I feel show how God speaks to us sometimes, and that speak of Him.

There was a man who befriended a dog at a worksite by giving it treats.  The dog came to know the man.  One day, the man went to the job site and the dog was there along with another one in a cage.  The other dog was very aggressive, and they fought and got out of the cage.  Then the second dog tried to attack the man.  The first dog, the one the man befriended, defended the man, and attacked the other dog to stop the dog from attacking the man.  God “spoke” to the man about being kind to the first dog.  God made sure protection was in place.

There was an elderly woman trying to buy a few groceries at a convenience store.  She handed a check to the cashier only to be told they no longer take checks.  She had no way of paying for the groceries and didn’t know what to do.  A man standing behind her stepped up and paid for her groceries.  God spoke to the woman through the man.  God spoke to the man by nudging him to pay for the groceries and do an act of kindness.

There was a woman who was deep into depression.  Life was getting to her, and she was at her wits end.  A fight happened between her and her mother and it was the final straw.  The woman left the house and drove down by a lake with the thought to kill herself.  She rolled down the windows of her car and as soon as she did, it began to rain heavily.  The sound of rain had always been calming to the woman.  As she sat there, rain hitting her face, she realized there was another path she could take.  To reach out for help.  She went back home and proceeded to get the help she needed.  God knew the rain would calm her.  God spoke to her through the rain.

All these stories have been told to me and with each one, I saw God at work.  I could hear God speaking to each person involved.  If we take a moment and really listen, really pay attention, we can see God all around us.  We can hear Him speak.

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