Gift of Time

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Matthew 6:33 NKJV


A devotional for June 11th through the 17th


We had a special speaker at our church yesterday.  We only have our pastor every other week so on the off weeks we have either a special speaker, presentation, or video sermon.  No matter what the service consists of there is always a great message that can touch anyone in one way or another.  Yesterday’s sermon hit on something I have often thought of and even written about before.  Time.

Time is something we don’t often think about.  We hurry through our days trying to get as much done as we can.  We schedule meetings, we have errands, we have chores, so many things that fill our days.  Often, we don’t feel we have enough time to get everything done.  We are constantly in a rush.

What I most enjoyed about the sermon yesterday was how the presenter spoke of relationships and the most important thing we can give, time.  Isn’t that what we all long for?  Time.  With any relationship we have, we ultimately crave time with the other person.  Whether it is a small child craving time with their parent.  A new couple craving time with each other.  Time is the one gift that when given, is so precious because it is something that you can never get back.

We should always appreciate any time given to us by anyone.  The gift of time is just so precious.  We aren’t the only ones who crave time with others either.  There is One who craves time spent with us, longs for time spent with us.  Do we give him time like we do others?  Probably not like we should.  I know I don’t give as much of my time as I should.  None of us does.  But giving Him our time brings us so much closer to eternity and peace than we could otherwise get.

Give God time today, and every day!  He craves time with us.  He longs for time spent with us.  The gift He gives us back is more time than we could ever imagine.

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