Closed In

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You preserve my life; You stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and Your right hand delivers me.

Psalm 138:7 ESV

A devotion for July 11th through the 17th


Have you ever felt like you were trapped?  Trapped in a room with no way out and no one was opening the door?  We left for the day on Sabbath and ended up being gone a bit longer than we thought.  Somehow, our one dog had gotten into the spare bedroom and managed to shut the door on himself.  Evidently, he was terrified.  He was stuck in that room, unable to get out, until his “daddy” got home and opened the door.  The room was destroyed.  Broken things, torn up things, you name it.  He had made a complete mess because he was scared, all alone, and couldn’t get out.

This happens to us so often, we humans.  We go into an innocent looking room or situation, thinking everything will be fine, then the door closes.  We can’t get the door open no matter what we try.  We panic.  Before long, the room is a mess.  The situation is out of control and we have no idea how to fix it.  Until we realize our heavenly Father is on the other side of the door, ready to open it.

When we make a mess of our lives, situations in our lives, all we need to do it call out to our heavenly Father.  He will let us out.  He will help us through.  He will be right there with us, picking up the mess and guiding us with what to do next.  All we need to do is ask. 

God’s hand is outstretched waiting for us to accept it.  Take the hand that is outstretched waiting, wanting to help you.  He is always there!

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