Brain Fog

By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth.

Psalm 33:6 NKJV


A devotional for June 12th through the 18th


Do you ever feel like your mind is just plain foggy?  Like you can’t seem to think clearly or remember things, right?  I think we all get this from time to time.  Do you know what causes it?  Cramming too much in our lives and mind that clutter it up.  We are so busy doing this and that.  So busy watching things on TV that fill our minds with nothing but junk.  Going through life scrolling on the internet and all we see is mind numbing fog.

So, what do we do when we seem overrun by this fog?  It can be hard to clear the mind.  It’s hard to declutter our thoughts.  Especially with the constant bombardment of stuff.  Often, we even feel very tired, sluggish, going through the day.  This is often because of the constant input to our brains.  It’s too much.

I think this is one of the biggest reasons I so love Sabbath.  When Friday arrives, I begin to relax.  I know that Sabbath will start at sunset and from that moment on, the bombardment stops.  I breathe.  I spend time listening more to God’s word.  I shut out the bad negative stuff and tune in to Him more than I do during the week.  It’s refreshing to the soul.

We should all spend more time tuning out all the junk that is thrown at us by the world and tune in to Him.  The more time I can spend talking to Him, listening to Him, seeing the beautiful nature He created, the better I feel. 

This world can make it hard to catch our breath, to sit down and just breathe, taking in all the beauty our Heavenly Father has put out there for us to enjoy.  When you feel like you just can’t take any more, when your mind is nothing but fog, sit down and take a breath and talk to Him.  He will refresh your soul.

Turn it all over to Him.  Tune out all the negative, bad stuff of this world and tune in to Him.  Hear His promises and be welcomed into His peace.

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