Before We Ask

Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.

John 16:24 NKJV


A devotion for March 19th through the 25th


Last week I was getting ready for Sabbath and the upcoming week and was organizing our money in my wallet to make sure everything was there, and we were ready.  I like to have 10 ones for Sabbath to pass out a dollar to each child for lamb’s offering and then the rest goes in the offering plate.  I counted out the ones I had and noticed I was $2 short.  I looked up and said “God, I’m $2 short for tomorrow.  If you could see fit to get me two more dollar bills, I would greatly appreciate it”.  I also added “anything extra you give me before tomorrow I will put in the jar for missions”. 

I knew the mailman had just come by your house so went out to get the mail.  There was only one envelope in the mailbox, from the Red Cross.  Enclosed was a letter asking me to fill out a survey on a recent experience I had with the fire department and the Red Cross coming out to install smoke detectors in our home.  Along with the letter were two crisp one-dollar bills!  I looked up and said, “you had this in the works before I even asked!”. 

God is so amazing in how He works.  Before we ask, He is already working on an answer.  He loves it when we ask!  It is so important to always ask God for our needs, and then trust He will answer.  When we ask, we need to also have faith that He will work out a way.  He even provided me 8 more one-dollar bills before Sabbath started so those went in the jar for missions! 

Sometimes the answer is not as immediate or easy as this one was, but He does answer!  If not in this life, then when Jesus comes.  Any unanswered prayers will be answered then!

Lift up your needs and the needs of others in prayer to Him.  Then sit back and watch Him work!

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