Why I'm Alive

With His feathers He will cover you, under His wings you will find safety.

Psalm 91:4 ISV


Why I'm Alive

Personal Testimony of God's Power


I should have died.  I should not be here anymore.  The more I think about what happened last week the more I realize I should have died.  Let me explain a bit of what happened and why I am still alive today.

My husband had shoulder surgery the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  The day started the way it should have.  Everything was going well.  I was waiting at my sister-in-law’s house since, with Covid-19, I couldn’t wait at the hospital.  I had talked with the doctor and everything went well even though it was a severe tear.  I was waiting for the nurse to call and let me know the discharge instructions and that I could pick up my husband. All was well.  Then the call came for me to pick him up and I left to head to the hospital.  I had just pulled out of the driveway and turned onto 85th street, we were in Omaha NE for the surgery.  Right after I turned onto 85th street things changed.

I started to have a medical issue.  Everyone who knows me knows that I have Type 1 Diabetes.  Let me tell you, this was not diabetes related at all.  It was a sudden, very quick thing that happened.  I had pain and my whole body began to feel very weird and not right.  I began saying out loud “Lord please help me” over and over again.  I am not sure at what point it got really bad but there came a point where I practically blacked out.  I could not see.  I could not think.

Anyone who knows Omaha NE knows Dodge Street.  Dodge street has 7 lanes of traffic at 84th street, and a turn lane.  Dodge street is one of the busiest, if the busiest streets, in Omaha.  On 84th Street right there are 4 lanes of traffic and a turn lane.  The last thing I clearly remember is getting close to Dodge.  The next thing I remember I could see a pole that my car hit.  Replaying this in my mind I know, without a doubt, absolutely, that God answered my request of “Lord please help me” and got me across all those lanes of traffic and across the two lanes of oncoming traffic before stopping me at the pole.  God did that!  No other cars were involved.  No one was hurt.  Not even me.  Just my car.  I walked away.

So, as you can see, I should be dead.  I should not be here.  There should have been a horrific accident and I should have died.  There would have been no way for me to avoid anything.  I was not able, at that time, to do anything.  I praise and thank God for his mercy.  God heard my call and He answered! 

I pray that if you have read this you see what I see.  The miraculous power of God and how He, and only He, can do miraculous things in your life if you just ask.  God loves us, all of us!  He will protect us and work in our lives if we turn our lives over to Him.  Praise God!  Thank you, Lord, for protecting me and keeping me safe under your wings!

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