A devotional for October 11th through October 17th


Solitude is a word that often comes with feelings of peace or loneliness.  When I go camping I like to wake up early and sit by myself and look at the lake and the stars, if they are out.  All you hear are waves lapping on the shore and the birds waking up  in joyful song.  And in the distance a woodpecker is tapping on a tree.  This is a time of great peace.

Then there is a time when you lose the life of a loved one and you are sitting alone in an empty house.  There is no one to talk to, no one there to see and share time with you.  All you want is your loved one to talk with again.  Loneliness sets in.

Whether we are in a peaceful solitude or a lonely solitude learn from the life of Jesus.  Luke 5:16 says, "But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray".  You will surely see a peace come over you that only God can bring when you call out to Him in prayer.

"We should pray in the family circle, and above all we must not neglect secret prayer, for this is the life of the soul. It is impossible for the soul to flourish while prayer is neglected. Family or public prayer alone is not sufficient. In solitude let the soul be laid open to the inspecting eye of God. Secret prayer is to be heard only by the prayer-hearing God. No curious ear is to receive the burden of such petitions. In secret prayer the soul is free from surrounding influences, free from excitement. Calmly, yet fervently, will it reach out after God. Sweet and abiding will be the influence emanating from Him who seeth in secret, whose ear is open to hear the prayer arising from the heart. By calm, simple faith the soul holds communion with God and gathers to itself rays of divine light to strengthen and sustain it in the conflict with Satan. God is our tower of strength." {HB 148.4}

Take a moment in solitude and seek the Lord in prayer.


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