God's Creation

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1:1



God's Creation

A devotional thought for September 13th-19th.


In the beginning, God created.  Let's just put it that way.  God created.  Everywhere you look you see the signs of God's amazing creation.  From the beautiful sunsets God paints every night, the gorgeous sunrises in the morning, to all the creatures from tiny bees and ants to all the large animals like whales and elephants.  All these things are proof of our great Creator!

The detail God went into for each and every little and big creation is amazing.  There is so much detail in everything God has created.  Think about it.  Every inch of your skin, every fiber of your being, God put all that detail there!  He uses everything about you for His glory!  You may not always know it but just in how you are as a person, how you respond to others, how you live your life, can testify of his Glory.

I love seeing nature especially to really see the detail and beauty of God's amazing creations!  Look at the picture above.  Every detail of the flowers and the small bee collecting nectar.  Every bit of it testifies of God.  The colors, the petals, the wings, and the way the bee helps to pollinate plants!  Everything about nature is so amazing and shows us just how much God loves us.  Everything God has created was created out of Love and for Love.  It shows just how much God loves US.

The next time you are walking outside, look around and take in just how magnificent God is with what he has created.  Look into the eyes of the people around you and see that they are someone God loves just like he loves you.  No matter where each person is in life or in their walk with God, God loves each and every one!  God loves you!  It shows in the detail God put in to every living thing.

Meditate on this today and every day as you walk through God's Creation.

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